As we last left off on Revenge, Nolan had been kidnapped (NO!). Emily (Amanda) kissed Jack, making him question what he wanted with his life. The Graysons continued their battle for control, constantly checking and mating the other. Their battle for power started a time bomb, maybe even more powerful than Amanda, to bring down their family. The man with the white hair has taken Nolan, so expect a showdown with Emily (Amanda) and him.  How did the first season finale of Revenge played out?

Spoilers Ahead. Do Not Read if You don’t want to know what happened on the finale of season one of Revenge


Not long after discovering Nolan has been kidnapped, badass Amanda Clarke declares in true avenge movie fashion “You killed my father. Now prepare to die” to the man with the white hair. Okay, she didn’t say that exactly, but pretty close.  She sets up a place and time to meet the man with the white hair to save Nolan and get her revenge. Meanwhile, Jack is completely smitten after that kiss, going fake Amanda who? And Daniel and his parents freaking out about their bad decision and how they could destroy the family.

Back to Amanda and the whte hair guy. Amanda goes willingly with him, then sends him on a goose chase to get evidence against the Graysons. While the guy is doing this, Amanda easily releases herself and Nolan. Then one of the most adorable Nola-Amanda moments yet, he pleads with her to not take on the albino alone, after she refuses he says “kick his ass” and they hug. Awww best friends forever.

After, she manages to turn the evidence into the authorities, with th help of Nolan, she waits for the man to return with an axe! A big fight scene occurs, where Amanada chooses the moral high road and DOESN’T kill him. Oh, that is going to come  back to haunt her so bad!

Victoria continuous her plan to have revenge on her husband, only to learn decides that Lydia, in true fashion bails out on her after Conrad gives her something pretty. Victoria also learns that Conrad had David killed!

Jack goes all badass and hands Daniel the million back, and sly Ashley plants the idea of a Jack and Emily (Amanda) affair. Once Emily( Amanda) gets home Daniel confronts her about it. She admits to the kiss and gives him the ring back, telling him he’s becoming just like his parent.

Cut to a scene of the white haired man and Conrad talking about the evidence. He decides to leave, and encourages Conrad to as well. Letting Amanda know he know she hears him and gives a slight glimpse of him maybe not being pure evil….but wait for later.

Then a showdown between Victoria and Daniel, boy Daniel is becoming a grade A jerk. Victoria slaps him after justifying his father killing David. She then declares no one will stop her from righting a wrong.  I swear in another life Amanda and Victoria could have been besties. I kind of wish she was her mom, but then incest, gross.

Victoria continues her quest to get Lydia on her side. Eventually winning her over.

More adorable Nolan and Amanda moments as they discuss her decision to tell Jack everything. Adorable. She looked like a school girl in love, showing she is human. But something in my stomach tells me she will not make it to Jack by the end of the episode.

Finally, a scene with Emily (Amanda) and Victoria, and Victoria gives her a box of nothing to show what she thought of Daniel and Emily’s future. Oh you’re so funny Victoria, have you tried comedy? I love Victoria, but I hate her so very much too.

Then OMG heartbreaking scene, human Amanda discovers fake Amanda (Emily) is pregnant. Can someone call Maury, because Jack is not the father! Do not believe it, never will. I was really hoping fake Amanda died and would never return, only in a perfect fictional world.

Opportunist Ashley begins her attempt to use Daniel’s heartbreak to seduce her way into his bed and life. Ashley I admire you for not missing an opportunity to better yourself, but I hate you for everything else.

Then Conrad and Victoria have a showdown and he asked her not to testify against him. He basically threatens her if she gets on the plane. The plane is going to crash isn’t it?

Cute Nolan calls to have some gossiping time, only to find out that fake Amanda is pregnant. He plans to rush over to comfort a distraught Amanda.

Oh looks like I called it. The plane has been tamped with to crash by the white haired man. No one is going to bring Victoria down that easily, so I know she is not dead. So do not try to trick me writers!

In other news, living up to her mother’s shadow, Charlotte  tries to bring down her competition for Declan by pretending to be Victoria to get some dirt. Poor new girl, she did not stand a chance against the crazy Graysons.  In true Mean Girl fashion,  Charlotte posts pictures of the girl and her affair with a teacher. Then Declan tells her to go die! Once again, not really but he should have. That girl needs therapy for decades.Crazy young Grayson tries to get Declan to care about her mom dying. Ugh, you are crazy. Oh and maybe I should not have made the die joke, because Charlotte ODs at the end of the episode……awkward.

Final montage of Amanda seeing the flight crash and ready for a breakdown after thinking all the evidence is gone. But do not worry Amanda, super Nolan backed up the files! High five Nolan. The tape reveals what I also predicted early this week, Amanda’s mother is still alive! Knew it!

Oh Revenge, what am I going to do with you?  OR better yet, without you for four, maybe five months! So how did you guys like the finale? What most are you looking forward to seeing play out? How much do you hate fake Amanda, a lot or a lot? Is Lydia really dead? Is Charlotte? I’m not even going to ask about Victoria, because she is not dead, but how do you guys think she, and Amanda’s mom will return? With a bang? Or a whimper? Just kidding of course a bang! Can’t wait for next season!


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