Because fall has officially begun, it’s time to change up your wardrobe. It can be difficult putting away that bikini and you may shed some tears over storing your short shorts. This can be quite a sad transition for some. But you do not have to give up all your summer clothes. Some of them you can recycle and reinvent into fun fall wear. One item that you can easily add accessories and a nice jacket and you have a fall friendly outfit is your favorite maxi dress. Maxi dresses have always been a favorite of women of many varying shapes and sizes, so almost everyone has their favorite maxi dress. If you’re like me and don’t want to wait a year to wear your maxi dress then here are some ways you can reinvent your maxi for fall.

My favorite maxi is this Ashley Stewart red one (no longer available online). I bought this dress this summer and have only worn it once so far, and cannot wait to wear a couple more times this fall. For this piece, I will have this maxi dress in mind for my  suggesting.

Add a nice blouse over it

If you want to give your maxi dress a more sophisticated look, you can add a blouse and leave it unbuttoned. You could also add a belt to make the unbutton blouse fit better. To really change things up you can add a fun thin  blouse or a see through design that really adds an extra layer of originality. Something like this Forever 21’s Dance Love Sing Live Burnout Top $14.80

Your maxi will still be able to shine through your shirt, but you’ll be creating a completely original outfit.

Add a cardigan and a belt

Cardigans are big Fall “Must Haves,” so you probably already have a ton in your closet to choose from, but I think the thing that will really make the cardigan work with the maxi dress is adding a small or large belt along with the cardigan. Here are two of my favorite Ashley Stewart belts.

Both belts could go with almost any maxi dress or cardigan, which I think belts like these are probably your best choices.

There are a lot of cardigans that work with my red maxi, including some fun print ones and some more solid color ones. Two of my favorite cardigans that compliment my dress well is the Ashley Stewart Zebra Burnout Cardigan $39.50

And the Torrid White Open Front Cardigan $34,50

Both cardigans are versatile, and even after you stop wearing your maxi you can wear these cardigans with whatever you want.

Add a blazer

The best way to turn a casual dress to a business outfit is to nice a blazer.  You can use this trick with maxi dresses as well. The blazer I am obsessed with is the Ashley Stewart’s Leather Lapel Blazer $49.50. This blazer will look good with anything but it really makes your maxi dress standout.

Add a denim jacket

The best  way to make a maxi dress turn from a summer outfit to a fall one is to add a great denim jacket. There are hundreds of hot denim jackets you can buy to help make your maxi dress last you all fall. Stores like Old Navy and Ebay are bound to have some really unique and cheap ones.

This Old Navy’s Denim Jacket $39.94 would look great with any maxi dress.

There are multiple ways you can keep wearing that maxi you love and these are just a few ideas.  Finding new ways to wear your summer maxi could become your favorite fall activity. The changing season does not mean you have to give up everything you love. So keep your maxi dress hanging outside your closet all fall, you never know when a new idea will hit you.

  1. SoupPlease says:

    Frankly speaking.. girls dont really look good with black blazer. Black blazer is more of masculine. Perhaps lighter coloured blazer is great for girls

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