One of the best things about fall is buying new clothes. And an even better thing about fall is buying a new jacket or coat. Pea coats, tench coats, bomber jackets, and denim jackets are always popular fall outerwear choices. So after searching some of my favorite Plus Size clothing stores I came up with my perfect fall outerwear wish list. Here are my absolute favorites.

ASOS Curve’s Military Fit and Flare Coat $155.21

Asos always has some of the cutest plus size clothing, but the clothes are usually more expensive than many other plus size stores. But one benefit of buying coats and jackets is you can reasonable justify spending more to save more. One of the many benefits with buying a more expensive coat or jacket is that it usually lasts for years, and it really becomes more of an investment than an unnecessary expense. So buying a coat or jacket for a hundred or more really turns out to be a good idea in the long run. Asos has some of the best Fall 2012 coats and the Military Flare coat is one of my ultimate favorites. Just like last fall, military inspired clothing is still pretty popular and that makes this coat even better.  The coat comes in navy and khaki and is just warm enough for fall. This is a unique and cute coat that will last you for years and make you the standout among your friends. Definitely a great fall investment.

Deb’s Plus Size Faux Leather Jacket  $37.50

Pleather, leather, or faux-leather jackets are trendy every fall. Instead of going for the traditional black, or even brown one, you can easily give yourself a classic James Dean or Michael Jackson feel with a red jacket. Fall 2012 is filled with many great colored imitation leather jackets, but I personally really like this one, because I love the color red and it’s not only fashionable but practical. I have seen many Fall 2012 faux leather jackets that are nice but will not keep you warm. This one will keep you warm and looking nice. Also, I love this jacket because I tend to have problems with Deb’s dresses-because of sizing issues-but their coats and jackets tend to fit perfectly. They’re also some of the more inexpensive coats and jackets for plus size women. I think this jacket is just the right fit to spice up your wardrobe.

Macy’s American Rag Plus Size Jacket, Faux Leather Bomber $79

If you’re not fully committed to the idea of a red-faux leather jacket, but do want one with some color, then Macy’s brown one might be a good middle ground.  Brown leather jackets are almost as popular as black ones, so you cannot go wrong with a nice brown one. Perfect jacket for fall, the color is just the right shade of brown and warm enough for the fall breeze. It is also one of the more cheaper Macy’s jackets. Definitely worth considering for your fall shopping list.

Forever 21’s Destroyed Denim Jacket $27.80

Denim jackets are always popular for fall, and there are plenty of stores that will be stocked with them. Forever 21’s Destroyed Denim jacket is one of my favorites, because it’s a little break from tradition. The faded denim effect really gives it a cooler vintage look. Even though, this jacket comes in two colors I prefer the lighter denim one because the faded or damaged denim looks better on it. It gives the classic denim effect, but adds a little extra touch for those who want a break from the standard jean jacket.

ASOS Curve’s Oversized Hooded Parka $120.72

I have been looking for a good parka coat for awhile and this is by far one of my favorites. It is not much different from typical parka coats and that’s why I like it. But it does have a few extra  elements that make it a little less typical.  Many of the parka jackets I see are green and this one comes in khaki and black, this to me makes it a little bit more playful than the dull green ones. I also see a lot of parka jackets with no hoodie element or no fur hood ones. This makes it a great jacket for extreme weather like snow or rain. It’s also light enough to not be a too heavy jacket for fall and could also work for winter with the right layering. It’s definitely a great fall jacket.

I really love all the jackets listed for very specific reasons and they all match my style. But these are just a few of the many options, so if you’re more of a tradition style gal or like to glamour out, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a wonderful jacket to keep you warm for Fall 2012.


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