Life is hard for everyone that’s why most people search for meaning in their lives. For many of them meaning can be found through their  social interactions. For this reason it is a fundamental life skill to know how to make someone feel important, no matter what their status may be in your life.  That’s why these easy small acts of kindness can make a big impact in someone’s life.

1.Give compliments:  By complimenting someone I do not mean one of the generic variety. I mean one that is unique to that individual. For example, maybe you know someone who constantly works hard at everything they do. You can tell them how much you admire their drive and give specific examples.   If you give the right compliments at pivotal points it can spark a much needed source of joy.

2. Say thank you:  This is probably one of the simplest things someone can do, but often people forget to do it.  Using the phrase “thank you” constantly should be a habit taught at a young age because simple politeness can go along way in life. Here is an example that may make you realize the importance of this phrase: imagine you work in the service industry,  it does not matter what job (food service, customer services or a salesperson),just imagine your job is to serve others.You meet hundreds of people daily. Some treat you okay but many others are rude to you or don’t acknowledge you’re human like them. You have had a long day of rude customers and you’re really questioning why you chose this career path, then someone who genuinely seems to appreciate your help tells you thank you for all you’ve done for them. You can tell by their presence and how they say it that they mean it. A small act like that can change a terrible day to a great day.  You may doubt it, but watch how someone’s mood shifts when they get a sincere thank you.

3. Buy “just because” presents: Of course, people receive gifts on their birthday, anniversaries, and certain holidays, but the unexpected presents are appreciated the most.  Simple thought out small gifts can really show how much you care for someone. Any gift is precious but a “just because” one can really make someone’s day, week, or even month.

4.  Spend extra time with them: Most relationships dwindle or grow depending on the time invested in it. Many friendships or romantic unions fail because one or both partners won’t spend enough time developing the relationship. People generally appreciate others more if they make hanging out or talking them a top priority.  On the other hand, a relationship can be destroyed if people only spend time with one another. It is key for the growth and longevity of a relationship that the proper balance between making time with someone a priority but not your only source of daily interaction. People need to feel wanted and that’s why spending a couple hours more with someone can really have a great impact on their levels of feeling appreciated.

5. Listen to them: Many people are terrible listeners. It’s such a simple human task but so many people can not do it.  Not listening to someone usually leads to major conflicts that could be avoided by just focusing and really paying attention to what someone says. Can you image how many conflicts could be avoided if you just listened, and made sure to do or not do what someone told you? People also feel really appreciated when you can recall things they told you in the past or intentionally avoid not doing something you remember them saying they didn’t like or the opposite. Humans need to feel important and knowing we’re being listened to makes us feel important and appreciated.

There are many other things you can do to show your appreciation, but these are good places to start if you want to create more lasting meaningful relationships.

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