There is only about a month and a couple weeks left before 2013 starts. So I wanted to get a head start on this year by planning out my bucket list. Here are the things I want to complete in 2013:

1. Get a driver’s license

2. Lose at least 50 pounds

3. Build my freelance business

4. Move to California

5. Read at least 50 books

6.  Obtain a passport

7. Improve my Spanish and learn French

8.  Enter a screenwriting contest

9.  Do better social media marketing

10.  Publish a novel or a magazine article

I may add more as the year progresses and I’ll post stories on how I completed each one as soon as I do.


One of the best things about fall is buying new clothes. And an even better thing about fall is buying a new jacket or coat. Pea coats, tench coats, bomber jackets, and denim jackets are always popular fall outerwear choices. So after searching some of my favorite Plus Size clothing stores I came up with my perfect fall outerwear wish list. Here are my absolute favorites.

ASOS Curve’s Military Fit and Flare Coat $155.21

Asos always has some of the cutest plus size clothing, but the clothes are usually more expensive than many other plus size stores. But one benefit of buying coats and jackets is you can reasonable justify spending more to save more. One of the many benefits with buying a more expensive coat or jacket is that it usually lasts for years, and it really becomes more of an investment than an unnecessary expense. So buying a coat or jacket for a hundred or more really turns out to be a good idea in the long run. Asos has some of the best Fall 2012 coats and the Military Flare coat is one of my ultimate favorites. Just like last fall, military inspired clothing is still pretty popular and that makes this coat even better.  The coat comes in navy and khaki and is just warm enough for fall. This is a unique and cute coat that will last you for years and make you the standout among your friends. Definitely a great fall investment.

Deb’s Plus Size Faux Leather Jacket  $37.50

Pleather, leather, or faux-leather jackets are trendy every fall. Instead of going for the traditional black, or even brown one, you can easily give yourself a classic James Dean or Michael Jackson feel with a red jacket. Fall 2012 is filled with many great colored imitation leather jackets, but I personally really like this one, because I love the color red and it’s not only fashionable but practical. I have seen many Fall 2012 faux leather jackets that are nice but will not keep you warm. This one will keep you warm and looking nice. Also, I love this jacket because I tend to have problems with Deb’s dresses-because of sizing issues-but their coats and jackets tend to fit perfectly. They’re also some of the more inexpensive coats and jackets for plus size women. I think this jacket is just the right fit to spice up your wardrobe.

Macy’s American Rag Plus Size Jacket, Faux Leather Bomber $79

If you’re not fully committed to the idea of a red-faux leather jacket, but do want one with some color, then Macy’s brown one might be a good middle ground.  Brown leather jackets are almost as popular as black ones, so you cannot go wrong with a nice brown one. Perfect jacket for fall, the color is just the right shade of brown and warm enough for the fall breeze. It is also one of the more cheaper Macy’s jackets. Definitely worth considering for your fall shopping list.

Forever 21’s Destroyed Denim Jacket $27.80

Denim jackets are always popular for fall, and there are plenty of stores that will be stocked with them. Forever 21’s Destroyed Denim jacket is one of my favorites, because it’s a little break from tradition. The faded denim effect really gives it a cooler vintage look. Even though, this jacket comes in two colors I prefer the lighter denim one because the faded or damaged denim looks better on it. It gives the classic denim effect, but adds a little extra touch for those who want a break from the standard jean jacket.

ASOS Curve’s Oversized Hooded Parka $120.72

I have been looking for a good parka coat for awhile and this is by far one of my favorites. It is not much different from typical parka coats and that’s why I like it. But it does have a few extra  elements that make it a little less typical.  Many of the parka jackets I see are green and this one comes in khaki and black, this to me makes it a little bit more playful than the dull green ones. I also see a lot of parka jackets with no hoodie element or no fur hood ones. This makes it a great jacket for extreme weather like snow or rain. It’s also light enough to not be a too heavy jacket for fall and could also work for winter with the right layering. It’s definitely a great fall jacket.

I really love all the jackets listed for very specific reasons and they all match my style. But these are just a few of the many options, so if you’re more of a tradition style gal or like to glamour out, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a wonderful jacket to keep you warm for Fall 2012.

Because fall has officially begun, it’s time to change up your wardrobe. It can be difficult putting away that bikini and you may shed some tears over storing your short shorts. This can be quite a sad transition for some. But you do not have to give up all your summer clothes. Some of them you can recycle and reinvent into fun fall wear. One item that you can easily add accessories and a nice jacket and you have a fall friendly outfit is your favorite maxi dress. Maxi dresses have always been a favorite of women of many varying shapes and sizes, so almost everyone has their favorite maxi dress. If you’re like me and don’t want to wait a year to wear your maxi dress then here are some ways you can reinvent your maxi for fall.

My favorite maxi is this Ashley Stewart red one (no longer available online). I bought this dress this summer and have only worn it once so far, and cannot wait to wear a couple more times this fall. For this piece, I will have this maxi dress in mind for my  suggesting.

Add a nice blouse over it

If you want to give your maxi dress a more sophisticated look, you can add a blouse and leave it unbuttoned. You could also add a belt to make the unbutton blouse fit better. To really change things up you can add a fun thin  blouse or a see through design that really adds an extra layer of originality. Something like this Forever 21’s Dance Love Sing Live Burnout Top $14.80

Your maxi will still be able to shine through your shirt, but you’ll be creating a completely original outfit.

Add a cardigan and a belt

Cardigans are big Fall “Must Haves,” so you probably already have a ton in your closet to choose from, but I think the thing that will really make the cardigan work with the maxi dress is adding a small or large belt along with the cardigan. Here are two of my favorite Ashley Stewart belts.

Both belts could go with almost any maxi dress or cardigan, which I think belts like these are probably your best choices.

There are a lot of cardigans that work with my red maxi, including some fun print ones and some more solid color ones. Two of my favorite cardigans that compliment my dress well is the Ashley Stewart Zebra Burnout Cardigan $39.50

And the Torrid White Open Front Cardigan $34,50

Both cardigans are versatile, and even after you stop wearing your maxi you can wear these cardigans with whatever you want.

Add a blazer

The best way to turn a casual dress to a business outfit is to nice a blazer.  You can use this trick with maxi dresses as well. The blazer I am obsessed with is the Ashley Stewart’s Leather Lapel Blazer $49.50. This blazer will look good with anything but it really makes your maxi dress standout.

Add a denim jacket

The best  way to make a maxi dress turn from a summer outfit to a fall one is to add a great denim jacket. There are hundreds of hot denim jackets you can buy to help make your maxi dress last you all fall. Stores like Old Navy and Ebay are bound to have some really unique and cheap ones.

This Old Navy’s Denim Jacket $39.94 would look great with any maxi dress.

There are multiple ways you can keep wearing that maxi you love and these are just a few ideas.  Finding new ways to wear your summer maxi could become your favorite fall activity. The changing season does not mean you have to give up everything you love. So keep your maxi dress hanging outside your closet all fall, you never know when a new idea will hit you.

Fall is finally approaching so that means warm apple cider, new leaves, and nice breezy weather. It also means it’s time to put your sundresses, bikinis,  and sandals away for a more practical wardrobe. But don’t grunt in frustration,  practical does not mean you have to trade your bright and sunny clothes for dull and dingy ones. In fact, there are so many stores stocked full of Fall “Must Haves” that you’ll have abundance of choices of clothes to add to your closet. There are tons of cozy sweaters, fashionable sweater dresses, nice jackets, and loads of denim competing for a space in your closet. So it can be a difficult and stressful period just picking what to buy to be the best fashionista you can be, but fret no more, because I’m going to tell you about one of fall’s biggest trends. This might make the clothes choosing process easier. So let’s begin our fashionable journey!

A big must for Fall  2012 is raspberry colored clothes. Different stores have different names for the color, but my favorite name for it is raspberry. Raspberry color is a blend of pink and purple, usually with a darker tint on the purple. This is one of my favorite Fall 2012 fashion trends because it’s such an unusual color, and it looks good with a variety of different colors. This color mainly works with yellows, light blues, grays and can even pair with some uncommon bright colors, like orange and lime green.

Grays and blacks are always in style for fall so this makes adding a bright color like raspberry even more exciting, because it will really brighten up your basic blacks and grays. I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of raspberry colored clothes and many are just gorgeous, but I have a few favorites. I’ll share my five favorite raspberry colored clothes and budget friendly alternatives. Because we all know plus size clothes can get expensive, but if you know where to look, and how to budget, you can look great for less.

My Top Five Favorite Fall Raspberry Plus Size Clothes

#5. Torrid’s Raspberry Ankle Zip Stiletto Jeans $64.50

Colored denim pants have been a popular trend for awhile-everyone from your mom to your boyfriend is wear skinny colored jeans- so you need to have some in your closet. These Torrid pants are great because they’re not quite skinny jeans so they have a little more possibilities. They are also colored bright enough that they’ll get you noticed and complimented, but not blindingly bright that you cannot blend in with a crowd.  They’ll go great with a cute black top.

Alternative-Forever 21’s Lustrous Colored Skinny Jeans $24.80

There are a couple stores that also carry jeans similar to Torrid’s pair, including Ashley Stewart and Fashion Bug. The great thing about Forever 21’s pair is that they’re pretty close in color to Torrid’s jeans.  They’re  also designed really similar and about $40 dollars less than Torrid’s pants. If you don’t mind spending over $60 dollars on jeans, get Torrid’s pants. Torrid clothes tend to last longer than Forever 21’s clothes, and they’re true to size. You also probably won’t have to worry about seeing a bunch of other people wearing the exact same pants as you.

But whichever jeans you choose, raspberry colored denim pants are a must for your fall wardrobe.

#4.Raspberry And White Striped Blazer $58.50

The color is a little brighter than the normal raspberry colored clothes. Because of this it looks more red on this picture, and that makes it even more versatile. Red can pair with almost any color, so this blazer will too. What I love about this blazer is it’s fun enough that you can pair it with a nice bright dress or skinny jeans, but it’s not too bright that you couldn’t wear it to work or a job interview. It’s a great piece to add to your closet, you’ll find there are a billion options for this cute blazer.
It’s difficult to find a good blazer for under $40 dollars. If you’re an ebay expert, or go thrift store shopping a lot, then you can find a nice raspberry colored blazer for under $40 dollars. If  you cannot find one  for under $40, and want to save a couple dollars by not buy the Torrid one, then H&M + has a nice bright raspberry colored blazer. Like the Torrid one, you can wear this blazer to work or on a fun night out.  The only problem with this blazer is it may be a little too bright for some really conservative office spaces.
I personally would chose the Torrid one, but that’s just because I like stripes and prints clothing more than just bright colors, but the H&M+ one looks a little more figure flattering.  Both will get your friends and colleagues talking about how great you look so both are good options. And blazers never go out of style.
There are so many amazing homecoming dresses out there,  but if you want to keep with fall’s hottest color then this Deb’s dress should be on the top of your list. It’s fancy enough where you’ll really make a statement at homecoming, or any other eloquent attire event, but it’s simple enough where you can wear it just for a fun night out with friends. You could also pair it with some leggings and a nice jean jacket and turn it into a casual day dress.
If you do not wear dresses too often and you don’t plan on attending any events where you need a nice dress, but still like the style of the dress, then you can turn the sophisticated look of the Deb’s dress into a more casual everyday look by getting Torrid’s Cami. You can easily wear this cami with a nice pair of jeans and feel just as good as you would if you were wearing the Deb dress. Both items are equally appealing to me, so it would depends on my needs-whether I needed something nice, but casual, or more of a show stopper dress. I also personally don’t buy strapless tops or dresses, so I’m more likely to buy the cami, but I would consider the dress if I felt more comfortable in strapless attire.
Both are fun, flirty, and could look fabulous on you.
I love this dress, because it’s simple but has so many possibilities. You can wear it with a nice leather jacket, boots, belt or just by itself with some nice jewelry.  It’s also probably a really flattering dress to whatever your figure.
I could not find an alternative to this dress, because of it’s unique design and color. It’s also really cheap for a dress, so if you’re loving the dress then you should probably buy it. I doubt you’ll find one just as unique and cool and this inexpensive. Say yes to the dress.
I definitely love a great leather or pleather jacket in the fall. I also love colored leather jackets even more.  The minute I laid my eyes on this jacket-which also comes in blue-I was in love. This jacket is over my budget so I cannot order it, but I would if I could. Not only is the jacket perfect for early fall, but it’s just the right blend of cool and practical. You can wear it to class, work, or hanging out with friends. It works in almost any situation. And it will stand out but also make all your angles look heavenly.
If you’re really into the idea of a pink leather jacket, then, you may want to consider checking ebay for slightly used ones. I found this great one for only $35 or so dollars. Ebay is a good source for unique things, like pink or Raspberry colored leather jackets, but one problem with ebay is you may not find one in your size.  So if you’re willing to spend for the City Chic jacket, I say go for it.
I hope this helped make picking through all the raspberry colored goodies easier. There  are literally hundreds of choices for you this fall, so choose what you find most appealing. Then wear it, love it, and embrace your inner fashion goddess.

Disclaimer: Posting some of my old stuff

“I would like to thank the Academy for giving me this award…,” and so it begins.

My complicated relationship with theEmmy Awards started as a young girl, who’d anxiously wait to hear, “and best actress in a drama series nomination goes to….Sarah Michelle Gellar.” The utterance of those words never transpired.  A misstep by the Emmys that Entertainment Weekly mention in this article.  Every year, I would hope for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and SMG nomination and every year it was like a Christmas where you got all these nice presents, but never the one you really wanted.  Due to the Sarah Michelle Gellar and Buffy snubs I’ve always been a little bitter when it comes to the Emmys. Despite that and the continuous snub of the Fringe cast, that was also mentioned in an EW article(stop playing games with my heart Emmys) ,I thought the show was very well executed this year.

After the unimpressive Academy Award show, in February, award shows took a downward spiral in terms of quality and enjoyment. The MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAS) achieved a less eventful show than previous years.   The Golden Globes was unmemorableand the Grammys became completely forgotten.  Justifiably, there was neither anticipation nor excitement for the rest of the award show season. Then the Emmys happened.

Some of the highlights of tonight’s show were:

The musical opening & monologue: When the Emmys started the show with a musical performance the frustration began and the statement “not another musical number” was spoken.  Contrary to expectation, the musical number, oddly, added an element of fun.  Jane Lynch and others mocking themselves for singing saved the opener from following in many other shows path and just doing a cheesy musical number. Instead, the host and company prevented it from being that by inviting the mockery. The opening monologue used safe jokes that only produced a chuckle. However, Lynch’s, compared to many other ones this year it, wasn’t the worst. The Mad Men cast offered the best lines and efforts during the monologue.

Jane Lynch as host: The show continued to improve as it went on. Jane Lynch did an excellent job as host. She managed humor without controversy, which is always hard (ask Ricky Gervais). She’s not the best Emmy host of all time but she gave a solid performance.  I was pleasantly surprised.

The Lonely Island’s performance: How crazy was that? Michael Bolton, long hair or no long hair, continues to amaze. “Jack Sparrow”, the very catchy anthem for cinephiles, proves its musical genius status by getting the audience and viewers dancing to very weird lyrics. The surprise guest appearance by John Stamos, Maya Rudolph and Ed Helms became the best part of the mash up, especially with them dressed in the same costumes Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Andy Sandberg wore on the original skit.  This was one of the best moments because it showed that an award show can be conservative and hip. Take notes Oscars.  There is still a cringe factor remembering the Oscars attempt at this by allowing James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host it….awkward.

The Best Actress in a Lead Comedy Series monologue: Along with the audience, viewers were confused when Amy Pohler ran on stage then other nominees followed. By the time the third nominee ran on stage most caught on to the joke.  This moment increasingly triumphed as the best moment of the night when the nominees did their best beauty pageant faces, priceless. Finally, when underdog Melissa McCarthy won it was like a win for all underdogs and that gave this part of the show a more powerful element, one beyond the laughs and straight to the heart.

Jane’s joke about The Entourage cast: The joke doesn’t have the same hilarity factor repeated. One of those “you have to be there to get it” moments, but for those who enjoyed the live broadcast without a doubt those were probably the funniest lines spoken the entire night. If someone has the desire to hear it again just youtube it and enjoy.

Modern Family wins big: Modern Family continues to become one of the most beloved comedies by critics and viewers alike; therefore, I expect it to receive no awards (call back to early Buffy and Fringe rant). But it won best comedy series second year in a row. It also won five other major categories. Well-deserved Modern Family, well deserved. The creators’ speeches exemplified the essence of the show by talking about familial embarrassing funny moments, which proves family humor is the best humor.

Guy Pearce and Kate Winslet win: I watched Mildred Pierce last night in preparation for the Emmys. The original version is far superior to the remake. However, no one can doubt that Winslet and Pearce gave two magnificent performances. It was equally enjoyable hearing Pearce’s embarrassing sex speech. Boys and their bringing up sex at award shows, just stop it. But really don’t.

The Underdogs win:  Every underdog could hold their heads in glory last night, because it really was the year of the underdogs. Besides Melissa McCarthy having an unexpected win, so did Kyle Chandler for Friday Night Lights. I’ve been a fan of Mr. Chandler from his Early Edition days, so I watched in admiration as he gave his speech.  Though I’ve never seen an episode of FNL (I’m not a fan of football shows), I know Chandler is amazing in it. His award was well deserved and a long time in the making. Peter Dinklage and Margo Martindale, who many of us have seen in a various shows and movies, but never really knew their names, won two major awards for supporting cast this year against some more well-known actors.  This came as a shock to several but both of them deserved it.  Downton Abbey winning against more discussed Mildred Pierce and The Kennedys miniseries was a shock and delight.  Barry Pepper winning, I don’t know if it was a surprise, but he’s also one of those actors many have seen in numerous films and hasn’t gotten awarded for his talent.  Congrats to all the underdogs, just when they count them out they come back swinging with vengeance, or at least giving better television performances than others.

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky:  Ricky Gervais is an acquired taste. People in Hollywood seem to hate him but he has a pretty huge fan base. At least he’s big in Britain and that beats American success, right? His monologue was classic Gervais and that made it hilarious, but he may be deported if he doesn’t make any friends in Hollywood soon.

The Office skit:  Probably the best skit of the evening, which made it bitter sweet when Steve Carell still didn’t receive an Emmy for his final season as Michael Scott on The Office.  That’s okay, he has plenty of Dundies.

Red Hot: On a fashion note, all the red was breathtaking. Kate Winslet’s looked stunning in her simple red dress that flattered her figure. Seeing so many starlets in red gave the show a much needed sex appeal, stepping out of the usual award show colors of blacks, gold, silver, lavender and less bright colors like those. The red kept it classy but fun.

In conclusion, the Emmys showed that award show can appeal to the younger generation and keep its pride and class. Stay classy Emmys. Stay classy.

Overall Grade: B+

Unless you’re a jet setter, and spend most of your time living an exciting life that the rest of us dream about, then you’re bound to, often, feel bored. There are many things you can do to overcome this boredom. You could read a book, start a hobby, talk to friends, or you can watch a movie. With thousands of movies being produced yearly, it may be difficult to pick just one. For me,  I have a few movies that if everything else fails I can watch when bored. So here are my top ten favorite rainy day movies, if you haven’t seen any of them, I suggest you rent them on Netflix.

10. Rushmore

Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman create probably two of the most infuriating, but likable characters to ever grace cinema. Both characters do pretty despicable things to one another and others in the pursuit of love. All is fair in love and war is taken to a whole new level in this film.  The results of their war adds to some hilarity very few films can match.

9.  Back to the Future

A person that doesn’t love Back To The Future is not someone I would like to know. Back To The Future is fun, funny, and futuristic-sort of. It’s just one of those films many of us have grown up watching, probably on television, during continuous marathons, and it has ties to our youth. For that, watching Back to the Future feels like seeing an old friend we haven’t seen in years. It’s a familiar experience, but still feels new.

8.  Bend it Like Beckham

Besides having a really attractive cast (Parminder NagraKeira Knightley, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers) before they became super famous, it’s a very heartwarming film. A great portrayal of friendship, love, gender roles, interracial dating and so many other things few comedies address. It’s not just a sports film or a romantic comedy, but one with a powerful message about female empowerment. Plus the cast is really, really pretty.

7.  Never Been Kissed

This movie has terrible writing at points, super cheesy, and just plain stupid at parts.  But it’s a movie many can relate to, especially anyone who has ever been awkward, or a late bloomer. The movie is very appealing to the hopeless romantics and anyone that dreamed about making out with their hot English teacher in an outfield. Isn’t that everyone’s grand romantic fantasy?

6. Say Anything

Lloyd Dobler is such a weirdo. He has no career goals, he obsesses over a girl, he goes to the point of stalking…yet he’s perfect.  He’s not the smartest, best looking guy, or even says the best lines, but he’s genuine and just want to make Diane Court happy. For that, he’s probably millions of girl’s dream guy (he’s totally mine). Many will not watch this movie and cry because there are no real Lloyd Doblers, but for those of us still waiting for our Lloyd’s, this is a great way to pass the time until he busts out that boombox.

5. While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock is at her most charming in this movie. She plays  Lucy who finds herself trapped in a fake engagement with a coma victim, Peter. His family completely falls in love with Lucy. But things get complicated, when Peter’s skeptical brother,  Jack, starts fall in love with Lucy. A really charming movie about family, love, and chance encounters.

4. Fight Club

Fight Club is a film about anarchy and consumerism…..oh, if only it was that simple to describe. Fight Club is not only an enjoyable film, but it has so many layers of things film geeks can analyze. It’s not only a good movie to watch repeatedly, but one you see, or learn something new every time you see it.

3. Love Actually

Love Actually reminds us that love can really suck. You fall for someone that cheats on you, someone you love doesn’t love you back, and the painful agony of sacrificing love for family and responsibility. Love actually sucks. But the movie also reminds you love can be amazing. It pushes you to be selfless. It makes you stronger. And it feels amazing when things work out. So love is actually amazing. Plus with so many amazing British actors in the cast it shows how ensemble, interlinking storyline, love movies should be. Take notes, America!

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is probably one of the more realistic portrayals of love. The concept and storyline is scifiesque in many ways, but stripped down this is a movie about love. The ups and downs of allowing yourself to truly love someone.  It’s a complex film, but simple enough you can watch it repeatedly and not get bored. Every new viewing will make you appreciate all the painful breakups, or fights, because what’s love without a little pain to make you stronger?

1. Clueless

Without movies like Clueless shows like Gossip Girl, or movies like Mean Girls, may never have came into existence. Most likely they still would have, but isn’t it nice to believe Cher led the way for Regina George and Blair Waldorf? A great teen movie, a great comedy, and a great adaption movie.  A timeless movie that will always hold a special place in my heart. I mean “as if” there is any movie better for a bored day.

The book cover for J.K Rowling’s first non-Harry Potter related novel,The Casual Vacancy, was released on Tuesday. The Casual Vacancy hits bookstores on September 27, 2012. According to the Little, Brown Book Group (The Casual Vacancy’s publishers), the book will consist of 512 pages and intended for adult audiences. The Little, Brown Book Group website also revealed this plot summary:

“When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock.

Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty façade is a town at war.

Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils…Pagford is not what it first seems.

And the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected revelations?

A big novel about a small town, The Casual Vacancy is J.K. Rowling’s first novel for adults. It is the work of a storyteller like no other.”

As many entertainment sites have addressed, the cover of The Casual Vacancy is very minimalistic, not unlike the covers of other novels like The Curious Incident of The Dog Of The Night-Time by Mark Haddon, The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach, and The Marriage Plot by Jeffery Eugenides.

Personally, the cover and plot does not appeal to me, but it’s J.K Rowling, so I’ll happily buy it once it’s released. If you can’t wait to buy the book then you can preorder it on or