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In college courses, you learn new confusing things, read books that aren’t quite English and actually learn useful stuff.  So the thousands of dollars you pay for them might just be worth it. But let’s get real, the part where you have to deal with others sucks. Yes, college is the time to get introduced to a new degree of people to hate.

1.  The Student Who Tries Too Hard at Comedy

The professor says a joke. Next an eager student has to respond with a comeback that reeks of try-too-hardness. We’re sure you were a hoot in high school. But this is the big leagues; leave the comedy to the professionals.

2. The Drama/Theater Major

Nothing like watching a drama major do a big song and dance throughout the entire course. Sometimes they literally break into song and dance. It’s forever traumatizing.

3. The Midterm Obsessed Student

“Will this be on the midterm?”-he asked the first day of class. And so the battle begins. The professor tries to get the students to focus more on learning, but that one GPA obsessed pupil never learns.

4. The Kanye West Student

Every course has one student that believes everything they say comes from the mouth of gods. But really they’re just narcissists who never know when to shut up.

5. The Facebook Stalker Student

If you never checked Facebook once during class, you’re either lying or too cool for the rest of us. But there is a big difference from checking it a couple of times to spending your whole course poking your friends. Is that really what you want to do with the rest of your life?

6. The Professor’s Want-to-Be Bestie

Source: Mashable

Source: Mashable

Throughout the entire schooling process, there is often a sort of suck-up student. Eventually, they evolve into that student who really wants to hang with the professor after class. We know in college that’s totally allowed, but it’s still kind of creepy. However, that one student would trade her arm to do it.

7. The Texter

Even in big lecture halls, your professor can see you text. Why be so incredibly rude? Whoever you’re texting can wait a couple minutes to get a “lol”, especially when you’re really not laughing out loud.

8. The Student Who Disrupts The Seating Flow

The first rule of college is to follow the imaginary seating chart. You sit somewhere for five weeks, you stay there the entire course. We have a system. Don’t be the jerk that messes that up. We’ll all secretly hate you.

9. The Weird One

We enjoy when the kind of odd student finds their own group of misfits, but that doesn’t make it any easier to understand them when they compare Chaucer to an alien invasion. After that comparison, even the professor will think you’re weird.

10.   The Student Who’s Always Late

This student wouldn’t be such a nuisance if they only learned how to not make so much noise when entering.  Second rule of college: if you’re more than twenty minutes late, just let it go.